Polymer Surfaces and Interfaces

Polymer Surfaces and Interfaces

Author: Ed. Manfred Stamm
ISBN 978-3-540-73864-0 

Approx., 300 p., Hardcover
Not yet published. Available: January 3, 2008
Surfaces and interfaces of polymers play an important role in most of the application areas of polymers, e.g. moulds, foils, thin films, coatings, adhesive joints, blends, composites, biomaterials or applications in micro- and nanotechnology. Therefore it is very important to be able to characterize these surfaces and interfaces in detail. In Polymer Surfaces and Interfaces, experts provide concise explanations, with examples and illustrations, of the key techniques. In each case, after basic principles have been reviewed, applications of the experimental techniques are discussed and illustrated with specific examples. Scientists and engineers in research and development will benefit from an application-oriented book that helps them to find solutions to both fundamental and applied problems.
M. Stamm: Review of Polymer Surface and Interface Characterization Techniques.

P. Müller-Buschbaum: Structure determination in the thin film geometry using grazing incidence small angle scattering.-

M. Müller: Vibrational Spectroscopic and Optical Methods.

D. Pleul and F. Simon: X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy.

D. Pleul and F. Simon: Time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometry.

K. Grundke: Characterization of polymer surfaces by wetting and electrokinetic measurements- contact angle, interfacial tension, zeta potential.

K. Schneider: Mechanical properties of polymers at surfaces and interfaces.

P. Busch and R. Weidisch: Interfaces between Incompatible Polymers.

M. Müller: Liquid-liquid and liquid-vapor interfaces in polymeric systems.

M. Nitschke: Plasma Modification of Polymer Surfaces and Plasma Polymerization.

S. Minko: Grafting on solid surfaces: "Grafting to" and "Grafting from" Methods.

C. Bellmann: Surface Modification by Adsorption of Polymers and Surfactants.

A. Sydorenko: Nanostructures in thin films from nanostructured polymeric templates, self-assembly.

D. Pospiech: Influencing the interface in polymer blends by compatibilization with block copolymers.

C. Werner: Interfacial Phenomena at Biomaterials.