RubberChem 2002

RubberChem 2002

Author: Munich, Germany, 11th-12th June 2002, Conference Proceedings
ISBN 978-1-85957-316-7 

Published: 2002 
Pages: 174
RubberChem 2002 - The Third International Rubber Chemicals, Compounding, and Mixing Conference was held in Munich, Germany. This two day event brought together the leading experts in the rubber and related industries.

The conference provided an excellent forum for discussing the wide range of compounding materials, chemicals, and mixing techniques. The important aspects of health & safety of materials and rubber products were also covered in the comprehensive technical programme.

List of Papers
Another View of the Rubber Chemicals Industry
Richard Simpson, Rapra Technology Ltd, UK

A New "Intelligent" Viscosity Reduction Concept - Better Processability without Sacrifice in Dynamic Properties
Karl Menting, Schill & Seilacher 'Struktol' AG, Germany

Low-Temperature Curing by Using Zinc-2-mercaptobenzothiazole (ZMBT) in Combination with Dithiocarbamates (DTC) and Amine Curing Systems
Nico Huntink, Flexsys BV, The Netherlands

Rubcon - Technology of High Filled Composite Materials
Prof Oleg Figovsky, Israel Research Centre "Polymate", Israel

New Optimised System for the Lead-Free Crosslinking of Epichlorohydrin (ECO) Elastomer
Hans Martin Issel, RheinChemie Rheinau GmbH, Germany

Hazardous Emissions in the Rubber Industry - Sampling and Analysis
Ulrich Giese, Deutsches Institut für Kautschuktechnologie EV (DIK), Germany

Reduction of the Emission of Harmful Substances from Rubber Based Commodity Articles
Rita H Auerbach, Federal Institute Materials Research, Germany

Accurate Ultra Low Fines Conveying of Carbon Black
Bob Yarwood, BMH Chronos Richardson Ltd, UK

Silica Dusts
Yves Bomal, Rhodia, France

Implementation of the ATEX Environmental Directive - Process Dusts
Ulf Persson, Nederman, Sweden
Paper unavailable at time of print

Pretreatments of Elastomers to Enhance Adhesion
Ralf H Dahm, D M Brewis, I Mathieson, J L Tegg ISST Loughborough University, UK

HNBR Technology for use in Bonded Multi-Layer Hoses
Nick Sandland & Peter Abraham, Zeon Chemicals Europe Ltd, UK

Polar Plasticisers in EPDM - An Unorthodox Approach with Interesting Results
Thomas Mergenhagen, Schill & Seilacher 'Struktol' AG, Germany

Multi-Ingredient- Preweighs - A New Concept of Handling Rubber Chemicals
Thomas Kromminga, RheinChemie Rheinau GmbH, Germany

Scission and Recombination Efficiency of Hybrid Crosslinks
Ahmed S Farid, University of North London, UK

Research on Extractables from Food-Contact Rubber Compounds using GC-MS and LC-MS Based Techniques
John Sidwell, Rapra Technology Ltd, UK

Compounding Effects on Physical Properties and Rubber-Metal Bonding
R J Del Vecchio, Technical Consulting, USA

Best Practices in Product Stewardship
Wolfram Keller, PRTM, Germany

Clean Rubber - Straining Applications with Gear Extruders
Winfried Trost, Uth GmbH, Germany

Developments in the Field of Batch-Off Lines
Peter Steinl & Christina Lebeus, LWB Steinl GmbH, Germany
Paper unavailable at time of print