Application of Textiles in Rubber (The)

Application of Textiles in Rubber (The)

Author: D.B. Wootton
ISBN 978-1-85957-277-1 

pages 248
This book is written in a very readable style. It starts by describing the history of the use of textiles in rubber composites and progresses through the technology of yarn production to the details of fabric construction. The five core fabric materials used in rubber reinforcement are covered, i.e., cotton, rayon, polyester, nylon, and aramid. Adhesion of fabrics to the rubber matrix is discussed and tests for measuring adhesion are described.

In the second half of the book, specific applications of fabrics in rubber are described in detail: conveyor belting, hose, power transmission belting and coated fabrics in structural applications. There are also short sections on applications such as hovercraft skirts, air brake chamber diaphragms, and snowmobile tracks.

Historical Background
Production and Properties of Textile Yarns
Yarn and Cord Processes
Fabric Formation and Design of Fabrics
Heat-Setting and Adhesive Treatments
Basic Rubber Compounding and Composite Assembly
Assessment of Adhesion
Conveyor Belting
Power Transmission Belts
Applications of Coated Fabrics
Miscellaneous Applications of Textiles in Rubber
Abbreviations & Acronyms

David Wootton has many years of experience as a technical expert working for the rubber industry and subsequently the textile industry. In his most recent post, he worked as Technical Services Manager for Milliken Industrials Limited, producing industrial fabrics for polymer reinforcement. He has written and lectured on the topics of textile reinforcement and adhesion. This book is a revised version of the well-known 'Textile Reinforcement of Elastomers' published over twenty years ago and edited by David Wootton and W.C. Wake.