Rubber Technologist'­s Handbook, Volume 1

Rubber Technologist'­s Handbook, Volume 1

Author: S.K. De and J.R. White
ISBN 978-1-85957-262-7 

Published: 2001
Pages: 576
Rubber components are found in almost every area of modern life. Rubber is used in cars, in shoes, in construction and is used in many other applications.
This book provides a foundation in rubber technology and discusses the most recent developments in the subject. The book is written by experts in their respective fields.

The fourteen chapters cover natural rubber, synthetic rubber, thermoplastic elastomers, fillers, compounding additives, mixing, engineering design, testing, tyre technology, automotive applications, footwear, rubbers in construction, the durability of rubber products and rubber recycling.

The book will serve the needs of those who are already in the rubber industry and new entrants to the field who aspire to build a career in rubber and allied areas. Materials Science students and researchers, designers and engineers should all find this handbook helpful.

1. Introduction, S.K. De, and J.R. White
2. Natural Rubber, N.M. Mathew
3. Synthetic Elastomers, S. Datta
4. Thermoplastic Elastomers, P. Antony and S.K. De
5. Fillers, H. Mouri
6. Rubber Additives - Compounding Ingredients, R.N. Datta and F.A.A. Ingham
7. Rubber Mixing, P. Freakley
8. Engineering with Elastomers, A. Stevenson
9. Testing, R. Brown
10. Trends in Tyre Technology, D.M. Dryden, J.R. Luchini and G.B. Ouyang
11. Automotive Rubbers, J-M. Jaillet
12. Rubber Compounding in Footwear, K. Ames
13. Rubber in Construction, A.H. Delgado, and R.M. Paroli
14. Durability of Engineering Rubber Products, R.P. Campion
15. Rubber Recycling, A.I. Isayev

Professor Jim White graduated from Imperial College, London with a degree in Physics in 1964 and completed a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Imperial College in 1968. After one year as a Research Officer at Morganite Carbon Company and two years as a Postdoc in the Biophysics Department at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore he moved to Queen Mary College, London as a Senior Research Assistant. He has been at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne since 1975. He was awarded the degree of DSc (Eng) by the University of London in 1994. He is Associate Editor of the Journal of Materials Science.

Professor Sadhan K De has been a Professor at the Rubber Technology Center at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, since 1982. He was the Founding Head of the Rubber Technology Center at Indian Institute of Technology, from 1982 to 1987, and then again headed the Center from 1995-1999. Professor De was the Dean of Postgraduate studies of this Institute (IIT, Kharagpur) from 1987 to 1990. He has organised three international Rubber Conferences (1980, 1986, 1997) in India, has had over 260 research publications in International Journals and co-authored three previous books, authored several review papers and chapters in books.