Rubber Injection Molding 2000 Today'­s Technology, Theory and Practice

Rubber Injection Molding 2000 Today'­s Technology, Theory and Practice

Author: Conference Proceedings
ISBN 978-1-85957-245-0 

Published: 2000 
8 papers, softbound

Injection moulding of elastomers for mass-produced products, such as those for the automotive industries, is a critical process for rubber product manufacturers. Processing equipment and materials are continuously under development for the application. This conference addressed the advances that have been made.

The conference proceedings will be of importance to rubber processors, materials suppliers, compounders and end-users alike. The papers discuss developments that are currently available to optimise production from the injection moulding process along with new techniques, materials, and equipment.


  • Overview of Injection Moulding of Rubbers
    Mark Smithson, Avon Rubber plc, UK
  • Liquid Silicone Rubbers for Injection Moulding
    Peter Jerschow, Wacker-Chemie GmbH, Germany
  • Various Solutions for Dual Injection in Different Application Fields
    Jean Louise Picard, REP Machinery Limited, UK
  • 2 Shot Injection Moulding - High Performance and Conventional Rubbers
    Manfred Arning, Engel Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH, Austria
    Paper unavailable at time of print
  • New Developments for the Optimisation of Injection Moulded Elastomers Using 3D Simulation
    Lothar H. Kallien, SIGMA Engineering GmbH, Germany
  • Optimisation of NBR Compounds for the Injection Moulding Process – Influencing Rheological Properties with Fatty Acids and Fatty Acid Derivatives
    Hans Magg, Bayer AG, Germany
  • Injection Moulding of Rubber - Problems, Causes, Solutions
    C. Clarke, K.-H. Menting and T. Mergenhagen, Schill & Seilacher GmbH, Germany
  • Development of New FKM Technology for High Processing Performances in Injection Molding
    Patrick Paglia, DuPont Dow Elastomers, Switzerland