Cellular Polymers III

Cellular Polymers III

Author: Conference
ISBN 978-1-85957-038-8 

25 papers, softbound


The material covers all aspects of elastomeric and rigid foams including: Thermal performance of insulating foams; Analysis of fire gases; The progress of CFC-free foams; Recycling and waste management; Gas transfer; Novel additives and synthesis techniques; Manufacturing developments for a range of foamed materials; Impact properties.

List of Papers:

Use of the Distributed Parameter Continuum (DIPAC) Model for Estimating the Long Term Thermal Performance of Insulating Foams, Mark T. Bomberg and Mavinkal K Kumaran, National Research Council, Canada

Development of a Method tor Measuring Radial Creep of District Heating Pipes, H. D. Smidt, Danish Technological Institute, Denmark and L. Amby, Logstor Ror A/S, Denmark

Use of FTIR to Analyze Fire Gases from Burning Polyurethane Foams, K.T. Paul, Rapra Technology Limited, UK

CFC-free Thermal Insulation Foams, C.W.F. Yu, D.R. Crump and D. Gardiner, Building Research Establishment, UK

A Review of Life Cycle Assessment - A Tool for Measuring the Environmental Impact of Cellular Polymers, Dr David Heath, ICI Engineering Technology, UK and Dr. Vanja Markovic, ICI Polyurethanes/ISOPA, Belgium

"CFC-Free" The Scope of the Achievement so far, P. Ashford, Caleb Management Services, UK

The Future of Foam Plastic Insulation in the Light of Climate Chance Legislation, J.G. Abbott, Dow Europe SA., Switzerland

Process by which Controls on Chemicals are Introduced into European Community Legislation, J. Neill, European Commission, Belgium

Utilization of Polymeric Isocyanate Based Binders in Recycling of Automotive Shredder Fluff, K.C. Frisch, A. Sendijarevic, V. Sendijarevic and D. Klempner, University of Detroit Mercy, USA

Recovery and Recycling of Polyurethane Foams, E. Weigand, Bayer AG, Germany

Waste Management of EPS in Europe, T. van Dorp, Shell Chemicals Europe, UK

Recovery of Value from Waste: The Government View, P. Coombs, Department of Trade and Industry, UK

Cell Structure Development in Compression Molded, Crosslinked Polyethylene and Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Foam, G.L.A. Sims and C. Khunniteekool, University of Manchester and UMIST, UK

The Influence of Low Molecular Additives on Gas Transport Properties in Polyethylene Films and Foams, W P Nauta and R.H.B. Bouma, University of Twente, J.E.F. Arnauts and H. M. Steuten, DSM Research, The Netherlands

Polyether Triols,Tetrahydrofurame-Alkyleneoxides Copolymers for Flexible Polyurethane Foams, M. Ionescu, I. Mihalache, V. Zugravu and S. Mihai, Institute of Chemical Research, Romania

Solubility and Nucleation Phenomena in Rigid PU Foam Expansion by Low Boiling Blowing Agents; a Modelling Approach, Henri J.M. Gruenbauer, Dow Benelux NV, The Netherlands

Liquid Crystalline Polyurethanes: Synthesis, Properties and Application, B. Szczepaniak and P. Penczek, Industrial Chemistry Research Institute, A. Wolinska-Grabczyk, Institute of Coal Chemistry, and K.C. Frisch University of Detroit Mercy, USA

Polyurethane Reactions According to Computational Chemistry, Nelson Malwitz, Sealed Air Corporation, USA

Rigid PVC Foams: A New Twist to an Old Technology, K. Redford, L.T. Hoydal, A. Stori, and K.H. Holm, SINTEF, Norway, A. Jorgensen and J. Grovdal, Dynoplast AS, Norway

A Solid State Semi-Continuous Process to Make PET Foam Sheets, V. Kumar, University of Washington Seattle, USA and H. G. Schirmer, W. R. Grace Co., USA

The CarDio(TM) Process: Industrial Production Experiences, Carlo Florentini, Cannon Afros, Italy, Max Taverna, Cannon Communications, Italy, Barry Collings, Cannon, USA, Tony Griffiths, Cannon Viking, Italy

The Manufacture of Flexible Polyurethane Foams by the Variable Pressure Process V.P.F., J. B. Blackwell and G. Buckley, Beamech Group Limited, UK

The Balance of Formulation, Processing Conditions in the Manufacture of Crosslinked Polyethylene Foam, G.L.A. Sims and W. Sirithongtaworn, University of Manchester and UMIST, UK

Interaction between Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Flexible Polyurethane Foams, J. M. Williams and J. H. Beynon, University of Leicester, UK

Analysis of Impact of Two-Layer Foams, and Evaluation of Body Protectors, A. Gilchrist and N.J. Mills, University of Birmingham, UK