AddCon '95

AddCon '95

Author: Conference
ISBN 978-1-85957-037-1 

Worlwide Additives and Polymer Modifiers Conference Basel, Switzerland

22 papers, softbound
List of papers:

Plastics Material Trends and their Effects upon Additive Consumption, Richard Hudson, Rapra Technology Limited, UK

Vitamin E: A New Primary Antioxidant, Terry Young, Hoffmann-La Roche Inc., USA

The Technology of Halogen-Free Flame Retardant Additives tor Polymeric Systems, John Davis, Albright & Wilson UK Ltd., UK

FR-1808: A Novel Flame Retardant for Environmentally Friendly Applications, Richard Smith, Eurobrom BV, Netherlands

Comparison and Performance of Hydrotalcite Acid Neutralizers in Thermoplastics, Phil Klepak, Reheis Inc., USA

Next Generation UV Absorbers tor Plastics, R. D. Cody, Cytec Industries, USA

The Next Step - Development of a Polymerizable Benzotriazole Stabilizer, Daniel Aultz, Noramco Inc., USA

Phosphite Stabilizers tor Polyolefins, Don R. Stevenson, Dover Chemical Corporation, USA

N-Alkoxy Hindered Amines - A New Class of Radical Scavengers, Ravi Ravichandran, Ciba Geigy Corp, USA

A Universal HALS for the UV Stabilization of Polypropylene, Franco Gratani, Great Lakes Chemical Italia Srl, Italy

Search for Stabilizing Effects of Fullerenes in Polymeric Systems, G. David Mendenhall, Michigan Technical University, USA

Fine Particle Titanium Dioxide - Its Properties and Applications in Plastics, Donald R. Robertson, Tioxide Group R & T Plastics, UK

Tougheners Enable New Applications tor PET, J.-P. Meyer, Rohm & Haas France SA, France

A Synergistic Liquid Antioxidant Blend tor Stabilization of Polyolefins, Steve Pontiff, Synergistic Polymer Systems Inc., USA

Optimized Stabilizer Systems tor Polyolefins, Francois Gugumus, CIBA Additives, Switzerland

Additive Masterbatches Necessary Intermediates in a Quality World, Leopold Katzmayer, Gabriel-Chemie GmbH, Austria

Wire and Cable Compounds Using a Mixture of Chlorinated Organic and Inorganic Flame Retardants, Ronald L Markezich, Occidental Chemical Corporation, USA

Processing Additives in Compounding Olefin Polymers, John Vander Kool, Structol Company of America, USA

Fluoropolymer-based Additives Improve Efficiency of Polyolefin Processing and Product Characteristics, Koen Focquet, 3M Specialty Fluoropolymer Dept, Belgium

Synergistic Stabilizer Blends Containing Novel Phosphite Processing Stabilizers, J. R. Pauquet, Ciba Geigy AG, Switzerland

Broad Spectrum Processing Aids Based on Multi-Functional Segments Jean-Claude Cardinal, DuPont de Nemours International, Switzerland

A Study of the Effect of Processing Conditions on the Degradation of Polypropylene, Paul Tock, GE Specialty Chemicals Europe, Netherlands

Prediction of Nonlinear Viscoelastic Creep in Thin Polyethylene Film from Dynamic Mechanical Data, Alan Letton, Tuskegee University, USA