PEEK Biomaterials Handbook

PEEK Biomaterials Handbook

Author: Steven M. Kurtz
ISBN 978-1-4377-4463-7 

306 pages
PEEK biomaterials are currently used in thousands of spinal fusion patients around the world every year. Durability, biocompatibility and excellent resistance to aggressive sterilization procedures make PEEK a polymer of choice replacing metal in orthopedic implants, from spinal implants and hip replacements to finger joints and dental implants.

This Handbook brings together experts in many different facets related to PEEK clinical performance as well as in the areas of materials science, tribology, and biology to provide a complete reference for specialists in the field of plastics, biomaterials, medical device design and surgical applications.

Steven Kurtz, the author of the well respected UHMWPE Biomaterials Handbook and Director of the Implant Research Center at Drexel University, has developed a one-stop reference covering the processing and blending of PEEK, its properties and biotribology, and the expanding range of medical implants using PEEK: spinal implants, hip and knee replacement, etc.
PART 1: PEEK Foundations, properties, and behavior

1. Introduction to PAEK Biomaterials

2. Processing of PEEK

3. Blending and PEEK Composites

4. Morphology and Crystalline Architecture of Polyaryletherketones

5. Static Mechanical Behavior of PEEK

6. Fatigue and Fracture Behavior of PEEK

7. Chemical and Radiation Stability of PEEK: Implications for Device Sterilization

PART 2: Bioactive PEEK Materials

8. Biocompatibility of PEEK

9. Microbial Properties of PEEK Biomaterials

10. Thermal Plasma Spray Deposition of Titanium and Hydroxyapatite on PEEK Implants 

11. Plasma Surface Treatment of PEEK

12. HA/PEEK Biocomposites

13. Porosity in PEEK Marcus

PART 3: PEEK Applications in Medical Devices

14. Development and Clinical Performance of PEEK Intervertebral Cages

15. PEEK Biomaterials for Posterior Dynamic Stabilization of the Spine

16. PEEK Research for Trauma and Arthroscopy Applications

17. Development and Clinical Performance of PEEK Composite Hip Stems

18. Total Joint Arthroplasty Bearing Surfaces

19. Tribology of PEEK Biomaterials for Artificial Discs

20. FDA Regulation of PEEK Implants
Steven M. Kurtz, Ph.D., Director, Implant Research Center and Associate Professor, Drexel University; Research Assistant Professor, Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia, PA, USA