Silicon Based Polymers Advances in Synthesis and Supramolecular Organization

Silicon Based Polymers Advances in Synthesis and Supramolecular Organization

Author: Ganachaud, François; Boileau, Sylvie; Boury, Bruno (Eds.)
ISBN 978-1-4020-8527-7 

Published: 2008 
285 p. 70 illus., Hardcover
Silicon Based Polymers presents highlights in advanced research and technological innovations using macromolecular organosilicon compounds and systems, as presented in the 2007 ISPO congress. Silicon-containing materials and polymers are used all over the world and in a variety of industries, domestic products, and high technology applications. 

Among them, silicones are certainly the most well–known, however, there are still new properties discovered and preparative processes developed all the time, therefore adding to their potential. Less known, but in preparation for the future, are other silicon containing-polymers which are now close to maturity and in fact, some are already available like polysilsesquioxanes and polysilanes.

All these silicon-based materials can adopt very different structures like chains, dendrimers, hyperbranched and networks, physical and chemical gels. The result is a vast array of materials with applications in various areas such as optics, electronics, ionic electrolytes, liquid crystals, biomaterials, ceramics and concrete, paints and coatings … all needed to face the environmental, energetical and technological issues of today. Some industrial aspects of the applications of these materials will also be presented.


Chapter 1 – Functional Polysiloxanes

1 - New Avenues, New Outcomes: Nanoparticle Catalysis for Polymer Makeovers
Bhanu P. S. Chauhan, Bharathi Balagam, Jitendra S. Rathore and Alok Sarkar

2 - Polysiloxane based Interpenetrating Polymer networks: synthesis and properties
Odile Fichet, Frédéric Vidal, Vincent Darras, Sylvie Boileau and Dominique Teyssié

3 - Simple Strategies to Manipulate Hydrophilic Domains in Silicones
David B. Thompson, Amanda S. Fawcett, and Michael A. Brook

4 - Aldehyde and Carboxy Functional Polysiloxanes
Elke Fritz-Langhals

5 - Molecular Devices. Chiral, Bichromophoric Silicones: Ordering Principles in Complex Molecules
Heinz Langhals

6 - Modified azo-polysiloxanes for complex photo-sensible supramolecular systems
Nicolae Hurduc, Ramona Enea, Ana-Maria Resmerita, Ioana Moleavin, Mariana Cristea, Dan Scutaru

7 - Thermoreversible crosslinking of silicones using acceptor-donor interactions
Emmanuel Pouget, François Ganachaud, and Bernard Boutevin

8 - Star-shape Poly(methylvinyl-co-dimethyl)siloxanes with Carbosilane Core – Synthesis and Application
Anna Kowalewska and Bogumila Delczyk

9 - Copolycondensation of functional silanes and siloxanes in solution using tris(pentafluorophenyl)borane as a catalyst in a view to generate hybrid silicones
Claire Longuet and François Ganachaud

10 - Hydrosilylation of polymethylhydrogenosiloxanes in the presence of functional molecules such as amines, esters or alcohols
Corinne Binet, Mathieu Dumont, Juliette Fitremann, Stéphane Gineste, Elisabeth Laurent, Jean-Daniel Marty, Monique Mauzac, Anne-Françoise Mingotaud, Waêl Moukarzel, Guillaume Palaprat and Lacramioara Zadoina

11 - High Refraction Index Polysiloxanes via Organometallic Routes - an Overview.
Wlodzimierz A. Stanczyk, Anna Czech, Wojciech Duczmal, Tomasz Ganicz, Malgorzata Noskowska and Anna Szelag

12 - Grafting ß-cyclodextrins to silicone, formulation of emulsions and encapsulation of antifungal drug
Ahlem Noomen, Alexandra Penciu, Souhaira Hbaieb, Rafik Kalfat, Hélène Parrot-Lopez, Noureddine Amdouni and Yves Chevalier

13 - Glycosilicones
Juliette Fitremann, Waêl Moukarzel and Monique Mauzac

Chapter 2 – Functional Polysilsesquioxanes 

1 - Silsesquioxane-based Polymers: Synthesis of Phenylsilsesquioxanes with Double-decker Structure and Their Polymers
Kazuhiro Yoshida, Takayuki Hattori, and Nobumasa Ootake

2 - Organosilica Mesoporous Materials With Double Functionality Amino Groups and b-cyclodextrine –Synthesis and Properties
Maryse Bacquet, Stéphanie Willai, Michel Morcellet

3 - Direct synthesis of mesoporous hybrid organic-inorganic silica powders and thin films for potential nonlinear optic applications
Eric Besson, Ahmad Mehdi, Catherine Réyé, Alain Gibaud and Robert J. P. Corriu

4 - Self-association in hybrid organic-inorganic silicon-based material prepared by surfactant-free sol-gel of organosilane.
Bruno Boury

Chapter 3 - Polysilanes

1 - The Synthesis, Self-Assembly, and Self-Organisation of Polysilane Block Copolymers
Simon J. Holder and Richard G. Jones