Author: D. Djordjevic
ISBN 978-0-902348-71-4 

Klöckner ER-WE-PA GmbH, Germany
Review Report

150 pages
In this Review Report, he reviews sheet and profile extrusion, wire and cable coating and coinjection, describing both the rheological and structural considerations and the design and selection of machinery. Problems of layer instability and the measurement of layer thickness are addressed, as well as the selection of polymers and the recyclability of coextruded scrap.

Coextrusion Process
Coextruded Structures
Coextrusion Tools
Coextrusion Dies
Layer Distribution and Instability
Determination of Layer Thickness
Selection of Polymers
Conclusions and Trends

Dragan Djordjevic has been R & D Manager with Klöckner ER-WE-PA GmbH for 15 years, and with over 70 papers and several patents to his name he is recognised worldwide as an expert in coextrusion and extrusion coating