Handbook of Thin Film Deposition, 3rd Edition

Handbook of Thin Film Deposition, 3rd Edition

Author: K Seshan
ISBN 9781437778731 

Pages: 408
Key Features

- A practical survey of thin film technologies aimed at engineers and managers involved in all stages of the process: design, fabrication, quality assurance and applications.

- Covers core processes and applications in the semiconductor industry and new developments in the photovoltaic and optical thin film industries.

- The new edition takes covers the transition taking place in the semiconductor world from Al/SiO2 to copper interconnects with low-k dielectrics.

- Written by acknowledged industry experts from key companies in the semiconductor industry including Intel and IBM.

- Foreword by Gordon E. Moore, co-founder of Intel and formulator of the renowned ‘Moore’s Law’ relating to the technology development cycle in the semiconductor industry.


The Handbook of Thin Film Deposition is a comprehensive reference focusing on thin film technologies and applications used in the semiconductor industry and the closely related areas of thin film deposition, thin film micro properties, photovoltaic solar energy applications, new materials for memory applications and methods for thin film optical processes.  In a major restructuring, this edition of the handbook lays the foundations for an up-to-date treatment of lithography, contamination and yield management, and reliability of thin films. The established physical and chemical deposition processes and technologies are then covered, the last section of the book being devoted to more recent technological developments such as microelectromechanical systems, photovoltaic applications, digital cameras, CCD arrays, and optical thin films.
Foreword to the Third Edition
Scaling of Devices and Thermal Scaling
PVD - Special Topics
CVD New Developments
CVD Equipment
CMP Method and Practice
Process Technology for Copper Interconnects
Optical Thin Films
Thin Films in Photovoltaics
Thin Films in Memory Applications
Krishna Seshan was formerly Assistant Professor in Materials Science at the University of Arizona and has extensive professional experience as a technologist with both the IBM and Intel Corporations.