Sputtering Materials for VLSI and Thin Film Devices, 1st Edition

Sputtering Materials for VLSI and Thin Film Devices, 1st Edition

Author: J Sarkar
ISBN 9780815515937 

Key Features

Unique coverage of sputtering target manufacturing methods in the light of semiconductor, displays, data storage and photovoltaic industry requirements

Practical information on technology trends, role of sputtering and major OEMs

Discussion on properties of a wide variety of thin films which include silicides, conductors, diffusion barriers, transparent conducting oxides, magnetic films etc.

Practical case-studies on target performance and troubleshooting

Essential technological information for students, engineers and scientists working in the semiconductor, display, data storage and photovoltaic industry


An important resource for the microelectronics and flat panel display industries, this book focuses on the development of sputtering targets for the conductor, diffusion barrier, reflective, data storage and display applications.

Sarkar reviews essential microelectronics industry topics, including: history and technology trends; chip making fundamentals; deposition and properties of thin films; and the role of sputtering target performance on overall production yield. Materials science fundamentals, types of metallic materials for conductors, diffusion barrier, data storage, and flat panel display applications are also discussed.

The author illustrates his arguments with case studies and real-world examples of troubleshooting in an industrial setting.


Researchers, engineers, undergraduate and graduate students in the fields of semiconductors, displays, thin films (nanotechnology and MEMS) and related industries.
Sputtering Materials for VLSI and Thin Film Devices, 1st Edition
Chapter 1:  Sputtering materials for microelectronic industry
Chapter 2:  Sputter deposition of thin films
Chapter 3:  Performance of sputtering targets and productivity
Chapter 4:  Sputtering target manufacturing
Chapter 5:  Sputtering targets for integrated circuits
Chapter 6:  Sputtering targets for displays and photovoltaic devices
Chapter 7:  Ferromagnetic sputtering targets for silicide and data storage applications
Chapter 8:  Troubleshooting
Appendix I Diffusion and phase transformation
Appendix II Crystallographic texture
Appendix III Phase change materials
Appendix IV Mechanical property evaluation
Appendix V Units and conversion factors
Appendix VI Periodic table