European Coatings Handbook, 2nd Edition

European Coatings Handbook, 2nd Edition

Author: Peter Mischke, Michael Groteklaes, and Thomas Brock
ISBN 978-3-86630-849-7 

400 pages

This work is intended to fill a gap in the current specialist literature: as an accompanying handbook. An extremely broad knowledge base is a prerequisite for mastering this unique protective and finishing material. However, today’s coatings specialist also requires knowledge of process engineering in use of production and application equipment. This includes an understanding of materials science in the substrate materials and more generally the quality of the paint and its coatings. This also includes a familiarity with the environmental and safety aspects of coatings for paints.


These features are underpinned by a constant awareness of emerging developments in the coatings sector, which remains as dynamic as ever. The book covers the principles of raw materials, manufacture, application, and testing of coatings. But its principal aim is to clearly illustrate and create connections throughout the coatings field. It will provide a student with a solid basis for a closer study of coating technology and will also easily explain it to those that do not have a background in this subject area.

Introduction; Raw materials for coatings; Coating systems, formulation, film-forming; Manufacture of paints and coatings; Substrates and pretreatment; Application and drying; Painting and coating processes; Test methods and measuring techniques; Environmental protection and safety at work