Polymer Electronics - A Flexible Technology

Polymer Electronics - A Flexible Technology

Author: Various
ISBN 978-1-84735-422-8 

pages 158, hard cover

'The worldwide market for polymer electronic products has been estimated to be worth up to £15 billion by 2015 and the opportunity for new markets could be as high as £125billion by 2025.'

The rapid development of polymer electronics has revealed the possibility for transforming the electronics market by offering lighter, flexible and more cost effective alternatives to conventional materials and products. With applications ranging from printed, flexible conductors and novel semiconductor components to intelligent labels and large area displays and solar panels, products that were previously unimaginable are now beginning to be commercialised. 

Polymer Electronics - A Flexible Technology from iSmithers Rapra, is designed to inform researchers, material suppliers, component fabricators and electronics manufacturers of the latest research and developments in this dynamic and rapidly evolving field. 

This authoritative book is written by a number of authors all of whom work for companies at the cutting edge of these new technologies and will prove to be a valuable reference to all involved in this field.

1. Roadmap for Organic and Printed Electronics
2. Technical Issues in Printed Electrodes for All-Printed Thin-Film Transistor Applications 
3. All-Printed Flexible Organic Light-emitting Diodes
4. Inkjet Printing and Electrospinning for Printed Electronics
5. Highly Conductive Plastics - Custom-formulated Functional Materials for Injection Mouldable Electronic Applications (Sample Chapter - click above to view)
6. Additives in Polymer Electronics
7. A Facile Route to Organic Nanocomposite Dispersions of Polyaniline - single Wall Carbon Nanotubes
8. Preparation and Characterisation of Novel Electrical Conductive Rubber Blends
9. Solar Textiles 
10. Flexible Sensor Array for a Robotic Fingertip Using Organic Thin Film Transistors
11. An Organic Thin Film Transistor Pixel Circuit for Active-Matrix Organic
12. Intelligent Packaging for the Food Industry