Ultananocrystalline Diamond - Syntheses, Properties, and Applications

Ultananocrystalline Diamond - Syntheses, Properties, and Applications

Author: Olga A. Shenderova and Dieter M. Gruen
ISBN 978-1-4377-3465-2 

Hardbound, 620 Pages 
Ultra-Nanocrystalline Diamond: Syntheses, Properties, and Applications is a unique practical reference handbook. Written by the leading experts worldwide it introduces the science of UNCD for both the R&D community and applications developers using UNCD in a diverse range of applications from macro to nanodevices, such as energy-saving ultra-low friction and wear coatings for mechanical pump seals and tools, high-performance MEMS/NEMS-based systems (e.g. in telecommunications), the next generation of high-definition flat panel displays, in-vivo biomedical implants, and biosensors.

This work brings together the basic science of nanoscale diamond structures, with detailed information on ultra-nanodiamond synthesis, properties, and applications. The book offers discussion on UNCD in its two forms, as a powder and as a chemical vapor deposited film. Also discussed are the superior mechanical, tribological, transport, electrochemical, and electron emission properties of UNCD for a wide range of applications including MEMS/ NEMS, surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices, electrochemical sensors, coatings for field emission arrays, photonic and RF switching, biosensors, and neural prostheses, etc. 


R&D community (academic and corporate) and engineers in the fields of nanotechnology, materials, thin films, deposition, biomedical engineering, optics, proteomics (protein chip technology in genomics), semiconductors, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and MEMS / NEMS.

I. Advances in synthesis and processing

I.1 Synthesis of UNCD films

I.2 Synthesis and Processing of Nanodiamond particles

II. Advances in surface functionalization

II.1 Achievements in uniformity of surface groups on DND

II.2 Demonstration of functionalization of DND with a variety of new surface groups

II.3 Demonstration of bioconjugation of DND and UNCD\NCD films

II.4 Functionalization of onion-like carbon

II.5 Demonstration of formation of hybrid structures of DND and UNCD with other nanoscale materials

II.6 Methods of incorporation of DND into polymers matrixes and sol-gels

III. Advances in nanodiamond characterization and new insights into the structure of UNCD and DND

III.1 Characterization of UNCD

III.2 Characterization of ND particles

IV. Advances in property measurements and emerging applications

IV.1 Properties and Applications of UNCD

IV. 2 Properties and Applications of ND particles