Industrial Biofouling

Industrial Biofouling

Author: T. Reg Bott, School of Chemical Engineering, the University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, UK
ISBN 978-0-444-53224-4 

Hardbound, 220 pages

publication date: 2011


Industrial Biofouling discusses the challenges--and to a lesser extent, the benefits--of biofilms on industrial processing surfaces. It addresses the operating problems caused by establishment and growth of microorganisms, thereby enabling effective equipment design and operation that minimizes biofouling.

Key Features

Discusses the chemical and physical control of biofilm growth, with coverage of dosing techniques, equipment cleaning, and cost management

Presents methods for monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of control techniques

Incorporates explicit figures and diagrams to aid in understanding



1. Introduction 
2. Fluid flow, mass and heat transfer 
3. Biofilms 
4. Biofouling control 
5. Biofouling monitoring 
6. Industrial review 
7. Conclusions