Shreir's Corrosion

Shreir's Corrosion

Author: Various
ISBN 978-0-444-52788-2 

Published: 2010
Approximately 4,000 pages

Coverage of all aspects of the corrosion phenomenon from the science behind corrosion of metallic and non-metallic materials in liquids and gases to the management of corrosion in specific industries and applications is given full attention. This multivolume book, containing approximately 4,000 pages, features cutting-edge topics such as medical applications, metal matrix composites, and corrosion modeling and it covers the benefits and limitations of techniques from scanning probes to electrochemical noise and impedance spectroscopy.


Industry professionals and academics working in areas such as materials
science, chemical/mechanical/metallurgical engineering, and design

Vol. 1: Basic Concepts, High-Temperature Corrosion 
Vol. 2: Corrosion in Liquids, Experimental Evaluation & Modelling of
Corrosion V
Vol. 3: Corrosion of Engineering Materials 
Vol. 4: Management and Control of Corrosion

Edited by: Tony Richardson, (Coordinating Editor), Anticorrosion Consulting,
Durham, UK, Bob Cottis, Rob Lindsay, Stuart Lyon, David Scantlebury,  
Howard Stott, Corrosion and Protection Centre, School of Materials,
University of Manchester, Manchester, UK
Mike Graham, National Research Council, Institute for Microstructural
Sciences, Ontario, Canada