Essential Rubber Formulary: Formulas for Practitioners

Essential Rubber Formulary: Formulas for Practitioners

Author: Chellappa Chandrasekaran, Can C Consulting, Chennai, India
ISBN 978-0-8155-1539-5 

202 pages

The author, a seasoned rubber technologist of four decades, provides more than 180 essential rubber formularies, some of which have never been published, that are used by practitioners the world over on a frequent basis. A special feature of the formulations is that they are designed for factory scale applications.

The opening chapter of this indispensable book gives practical information on compounding techniques, coloring, ingredients, as well as a whole section on typical rubber testing methods. The book concludes with appendices useful for the technologist that include seven conversion tables and three tables on scorching of rubber, specific gravity and volume cost, equivalent chemical names for trade names.

Designing a rubber formula on the factory floor demands knowledge of the whole undertaking, such as the physical nature of ingredients, the interaction of additives and the base rubber during compounding and processing, as well as making sure that the finished product conforms to specification and requirements. This book provides all the necessary knowledge for practitioners and students alike.

1. Introduction 
2. Brief notes on compounding ingredients 
3. Some hints on rubber compounding techniques 
4. Note on Reclaimed rubber 
5. Rubber contents in products 
6. Note on Coloring of rubbers Bibliography 

1. Thin Coatings Gray coating Hypalon Black coating Neoprene Black Brushing 1 Black Brushing 2 
2. Oil seals and 'O' Rings Rotary seal Neoprene 85oA 'O' Ring Neoprene 60oA Rotary seal Nitrile 60oA Rotary seal Nitrile 80oA Rotary seal Nitrile 75oA 'O' Ring Nitrile 70oA 'O' Ring Nitrile 1 60oA 'O' Ring Nitrile 2 60oA 'O' Ring SBR 55oA Rotary seal Natural rubber 85oA 'O' Ring Natural rubber pipe coupling 60oA Rotary seal SBR 98oA Rotary seal Nitrile 75oA 'O' Ring nitrile 60oA Rotary Seal Nitrile/SBR Blend 75oA Rotary Seal Neoprene 85oA Rotary Seal Neoprene 95oA 'O' Ring Neoprene 65oA Butyl Rubber Seal 75oA Bromobutyl Seal 70oA 'O' Ring Thiokol 55oA and 65oA Typical Nitrile Sealing Formulations for Airborne Application Rotary seal Hypalon 65oA and 70oA Rotary seal Nitrile/PVC Blend 80oA O Ring Nitrile/PVC Blend 65oA Rotary Seal Viton u Airborne Nitrile Ebonite for Oil Resistance 
3. Beltings-Transmission, Conveyor, and V- Belts V-belt inner u Natural Rubber Cord friction compound Latex solution for cord dipping Transmission Belting Conveyor belt cover u Natural rubber Conveyor belt cover u flame proof Conveyor belt cover u SR/SBR blend Oil resistant raw-edge V-Belt 
4. Auto Rubber Components Shock absorber 55oA Shock absorber 65oA Shock absorber 1 60oA Shock absorber 2 60oA Stabilizer bar bush 60oA Stabilizer bar bush 67oA Adhesive bonding agent for fabric insertion sheets Repair cements for automotive Belts Metal bonded Engine moldingsu 45oA Tire flaps 60oA Window channel extrusion Natural rubber Window channel extrusion SBR Neoprene dust cover 58oA Automotive tire tube 45oA Low cost Butyl tube 45oA Car mat Natural rubber 70oA Bicycle tube 50oA & 45oA Wind screen wiper Nitrile rubber gasket moldings Metal bonded engine mounting 55oA Head lamp gasket (non-staining) 55oA General purpose heat resistant gasket (Natural rubber) 60oA Basic formula for oil resistant gasket (Natural rubber) 65oA General purpose rubber bush 
5. Retreading rubber compounds and cements Tire tread - Camel back 1 Tire tread - Camel back 2 Tire tread - Camel back 3 Tire tread - Camel back 4 Tire tread - Camel back 5 Tire tread - Camel back 6 Under tread strips Cushion gum compound Vulcanizing solution 
6. Industrial Rubber Rollers Cylinder 38 paper mill Cylinder 44 (White) paper mill Cylinder 55 paper mill Cylinder 65 paper mill Cylinder 56 (White) paper mill Cylinder 75 paper mill Cylinder 60 paper mill Cylinder 80 paper mill Cylinder 92 paper mill Cylinder 96 paper mill Cylinder 995 semi-ebonite Cylinder for steel industry (Natural Rubber) 65oA & 55oA Cylinder A for Textile Mill u Green Cylinder E Textiles Cylinder G Textiles Cylinder N55 Neoprene Cylinder N70 Neoprene Cylinder N75 Neoprene Cylinder N90 Neoprene Cylinder P72 Nitrile PN Roll for printing Cylinder O for Textiles Cylinder B (Beige) Textiles Cylinder H (Green Blue) Textiles Cylinder C (Red) Textiles Cylinder E ( Yellow Green) Textiles Cylinder F (Light Brown) Textiles Cylinder G (Light Green) Textiles EPDM roll for 15% HNO3 u Electroplating service Neoprene Printing roll 40oA-45oA Neoprene Hard roll (Non-Black) 85oA Hypalon roll (Black) 85oA Hypalon roll (White) 98oA Rubber roll for Tannery 60oA Rubber roll for Tannery 80oA 
7. Tank Lining and Adhesives Rubber lining for Digesters H2SO4 Rubber lining for Drum filters H2SO4 Slurry Rubber lining for Iron Ore Slurry Adhesive solution for abrasion/wear resistant compound Rubber lining for wet chlorine Adhesive dissolution for ebonite lining Lining phosphoric acid storage tanks-A Natural rubber Lining phosphoric acid storage tanks-B Neoprene rubber Cold bond adhesive Mixture of solvents Chlorine resistant compound Semi-ebonite profiles for Drum filters Formulation for sulphuric acid/chlorine duty-drying towers Styrene Butadine ebonite for internals Ebonite lining suitable for hot water curing Natural rubber acid resistant strip Neoprene rubber acid and ozone resistant strip EPDM Lining for Nitric acid Bromobutyl lining for Ore beneficiation White Natural rubber lining - Pigmentation plants White Neoprene rubber lining - Pigmentation plants White Natural rubber/Neoprene blend for Pigmentation plants Chlorobutyl adhesive formulation for butyl lining Adhesive for patch work in rubber lined pipe Butyl lining for acid regeneration duty Flexible cell covers Butyl Membrane u Fisheries tank Low temperature curable bromobutyl Open steam curable natural rubber for phosphoric acid Rubber lining for 20% HCL acid Lining of Impellers for fumes of phosphoric acid Low water absorption neoprene lining Butyl lining for Digesters (without mineral fillers) Lining for Road tankers 
8. Grooved Rubber Pad for Railways 
9. Paddy dehusking roll Natural Rubber Carboxylated nitrile rubber 
10. Footwear rubber components Solid rubber soling Black heel Brown soling High Styrene Nitrile Sponge Natural sponge Rubber strap for sponge soling 
11. Hoses Nitrile Hose Outer Nitrile Hose Inner 
12. Typical ebonite formulations Typical fast curing ebonite 
13. Table Mats u Low cast, Average cost, and Quality 
14. Rubber erasers Pencil eraser I Pencil eraser II Ink eraser I Ink eraser II Eraser for Typewriter 
15. Natural rubber study formulations u factory trials 
16. White Rubber Tiles 
17. Factory trials of Neoprene Moldables 
18. Proofing compounds for clothing and inflatables 
19. Wear-resistant rubber for Mining Industry Typical slurry handling compound Typical Chute and launder lining compound 
20. Neoprene Molded Corks 
21. Low-cost chemical resistant Neoprene canvas 
22. Battery Box 
23. Neoprene Washer for water taps 
24. Neoprene inner layer for isocyanate bonded compounds 
25. Rubber bonded Anvil-Electronics Industry 
26. Solid Tires for Fork Lift Trucks 
27. Pharmaceutical bottle closures