Addcon World 2000

Addcon World 2000

Author: Conference Proceedings
ISBN 978-1-85957-242-9 

Published: 2000
Pages 168
This 6th successful Addcon World conference discussed the threats, opportunities, and trends in the additives business today. New products and processes were also revealed along with a discussion of legislation and its impact on the additives business. Addcon World conferences are specifically targeted to the plastics additives industry and have been successfully run by Rapra Technology Limited for the past 5 years.

The papers presented at this year’s conference will appeal to suppliers of additives, compounders and end-users along with people who want to learn how to use additives

List of Papers

Flexible Vinyl Medical Products: Discussion about the Extraction Characteristics of Various Plasticizers
Richard C. Adams, BP Amoco Chemicals, USA
Benzoate Plasticizer for Reducing Plastisol Viscosity and Fusion Temperature
Tom Bohnert, B. Stanhope, K. Gruszecki, S. Pitman, V. Elsworth, Velsicol Chemical Corporation, USA, and Velsicol Chemical Limited, UK

Determination of Phenolic Antioxidant Stabilizers in PP and HDPE by Means of an Oxidative Model Reaction
E. B. Zeinalov 1 , Hartmut F. Schroeder 2* and H. Bahr 2 , 1 Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Institute of Petrochemical Processes (IPCPAcS), Baku, 2 Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), Germany

Achieving More Value From Additives Via New Physical Forms
Corrado Callierotti 1 , Luciano Pallini 1 , Giovanni Sandre 1 , Robert Lee 2 , Ming Wu 2 , Klaus Keck-Antoine 3 & Brian Johnson 3 , 1 Great Lakes Manufacturing Italia, Italy, 2 Great Lakes Chemical Corporation, USA, 3 Great Lakes Technology Belgium, Belgium

Stabilizer Package Development - Importance of the Test Criteria Selection
Ján Malík and Isolde Bachert, Technical Service Polymer Additives, Clariant Huningue SA, France
The Impact of Environmental Issues on the Growth of Plastics Additives
Thomas Galvanek, Fred Gastrock and Louis N. Kattas, BRG Townsend Inc., USA
Evaluation of Stabilizer Performance in Polymers Using Chemiluminescence
Norman C. Billingham, 1 Peter Fearon, 1 David J. Whiteman, Niall Marshall 2 and Stephen P. Bigger 3 , 1 School of Chemistry, Physics and Environmental Science, University of Sussex, UK, 2 Polifin Limited, South Africa, 3 School of Life Sciences and Technology, Victoria University, Australia

Polymer Additives Based on Renewable Materials; Opportunities and Trends
J. van Haveren, Agrotechnological Research Institute, The Netherlands
(Paper unavailable at time of print)
Criteria and Examples of Optimal Choice of Flame Retardants
Achim Litzenburger, Eurobrom BV, Netherlands
New Metal Hydroxides with Improved Performance for Flame Retardancy in Plastics
René Herbiet, alusuisse martinswerk gmbh, Germany
Productivity Gains in BOPP Film Production Through Stabilization with Lactone Technology
Doris Eisermann, Ciba Specialty Chemicals Limited, Switzerland
(Paper unavailable at time of print)
The Role of Market Research in the Additives Business
Richard Beswick, bms AG, Switzerland