Advanced ESR Methods in Polymer Research

Advanced ESR Methods in Polymer Research

Author: Ed., Shulamith Schlick
ISBN 978-0-471-73189-4 

pages 353, Hardcover
This one-of-a-kind book introduces the fundamentals of ESR to polymer scientists while focusing on the significance of recently advanced ESR methods for polymeric systems. The "Fundamentals" section provides information on ESR spectra, experimental techniques, and data analysis. The "Applications" section discusses such exciting recent developments as ESR spectroscopy in the study of polymeric membranes used in fuel cell applications, UV- and thermal degradation of polymeric materials, as well as self-assembling and dynamics in ion-containing polymers and other topics of interest to academics, graduate students, and professionals in industrial R & D and applications laboratories.


The Editor.




Chapter 1. Continuous-Wave and Pulsed ESR Methods (Gunnar Jeschke and Shulamith Schlick).

Chapter 2. Double Resonance ESR Methods (Gunnar Jeschke).

Chapter 3. Calculating Slow-Motion ESR Spectra of Spin-Labeled Polymers (Keith A. Earle and David E. Budil).

Chapter 4. ESR Imaging (Shulamith Schlick).


Chapter 5. ESR Study of Radicals in Conventional Radical Polymerization Using Radical Precursors Prepared by Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization (Atsushi Kajiwara and Krzysztof Matyjaszewski).

Chapter 6. Local Dynamics of Polymers in Solution by Spin-Label ESR (Jan Pilař).

Chapter 7. Site-Specific Information on Macromolecular Materials by Combining CW and Pulsed ESR on Spin Probes (Gunnar Jeschke).

Chapter 8. ESR Methods for Assessing the Stability of Polymer Membranes Used in Fuel Cells (Emil Roduner and Shulamith Schlick).

Chapter 9. Spatially Resolved Degradation in Heterophasic Polymers From 1D and 2D Spectral-Spatial ESR Imaging Experiments (Shulamith Schlick and Krzysztof Kruczala).

Chapter 10. ESR Studies of Photooxidation and Stabilization of Polymer Coatings (David R. Bauer and John L. Gerlock).

Chapter 11. Characterization of Dendrimer Structures by ESR Techniques (M. Francesca Ottaviani and Nicholas J. Turro).

Chapter 12. High Field ESR Spectroscopy of Conductive Polymers (Victor I. Krinichnyi).


SHULAMITH SCHLICK, DSc, is a Professor of Physical and Polymer Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Detroit Mercy. One of the foremost authorities in the field of polymer research, and the editor of one previous book, Dr. Schlick has held visiting professorships and appointments worldwide and has authored over 200 scientific articles and book chapters.