Energy Management in Plastics Processing: Strategies, Targets, Techniques and Tools, 2nd Edition

Energy Management in Plastics Processing: Strategies, Targets, Techniques and Tools, 2nd Edition

Author: Robin Kent
ISBN 978-1906479107 

pages 355


The second edition of a Plastics Information Direct best-seller.

Since the first edition of this handbook, the issues of energy management and energy efficiency have moved considerably higher up the management agenda for most plastics processing companies. Many processors have started the journey towards energy management and those that have made the effort have been well rewarded by decreased energy use and, more importantly, by decreased energy costs.

Machinery manufacturers have also recognized the importance of energy costs and most have improved machines and technologies to reduce energy use.

This practical workbook shows how to reduce energy consumption in all the major plastics shaping processes (moulding, extrusion, forming) as well as elsewhere in the plant (e.g. in factory services and non-manufacturing areas). It also addresses essential issues such as energy benchmarking and site surveys, understanding energy supplies and bills, measuring and managing energy usage and carbon footprinting.

The principle adopted throughout the book is to reduce the amount of energy used to process each kg of plastic, resulting in a permanent saving. Each topic is addressed in a simple two-page spread, providing a clear and well-structured route-map broken down into simple tasks and achievable goals.
Robin Kent is widely known across the plastics processing industry for his expertise in energy and manufacturing efficiency which he communicates through his books, presentations, training, and consultancy. He was awarded a Personal Contribution award at the 2010 Plastics Industry Awards in the UK for his work as a champion of energy efficiency.
He has been involved with plastics processing in a variety of sectors including extrusion and injection moulding for 40 years. He has been technical director of several major European plastics processing companies but also understands the pressures on smaller businesses, having run his own plastics engineering consultancy since 1996.
He has published over 400 papers and articles and also written a companion volume: Cost Management in Plastics Processing: Strategies, targets, techniques and tools, the third edition of which was published in 2012 by Plastics Information Direct.