Joining of Plastics

Joining of Plastics

Author: K.W. Allen
ISBN 978-0-08041964-0 

City University, Oxford Polytechnic
Review Report

86 pages, softbound
Mechanical fastening, welding and adhesive bonding is reviewed in this report. Selection of joining method is evaluated from the point of view of durability of joint required for application. The report considers the most important thermoplastic materials and explains the characteristics which affect the choice of pretreatment, joining method and adhesives. Thermosetting materials are considered as a single group with respect to bonding. Some 387 abstracts were selected to provide additional information.

Materials: PE, PP, PS, ABS, PVAc, PVC, PC, PA, PMA, PMMA, PTFE, thermosets

From the Table of Contents:
  • The Technology of Joining
  • Surface Treatment
  • Types of Plastics