Rubber Bonding 2001

Rubber Bonding 2001

Author: Conference
ISBN 978-1-85957-298-6 

Published: 2001
pages 224
Following the three very successful conferences dealing with the subject of bonding rubbers of all types to a wide variety of substrates, Rapra Technology Ltd and European Rubber Journal held this further broad-based conference on the subject.

Papers presented at this fourth conference discuss technical updates of the current state of the art in bonding technology, and also introduce some of the developments that have taken place with bonding systems. A number of papers examine many aspects of the theoretical background of the science of adhesion theory to enable the factory practitioner to understand more fully the establishment of the best possible bonds between rubbers and substrates, and to achieve best service life from the products manufactured.

List of Papers

  • Performance of Bonding to Conform to Environmental Requirements. Mike Rooke, Henkel Industrial Adhesive, UK
  • Adhesion: Analysis by Fracture Mechanics. Chris Stevens, NGF Europe Ltd.
  • The adhesive Role of Particulate Filler between Incompatible Rubbers. Jane Clarke, RuPEC, Loughborough University, UK
  • Investigation of the Kinetics of Bond Formation and Durability of New Multifunctional Bonding System. Mark Weih, Lord Corporation, USA
  • Time-dependent Failure of Bonded Elastomer to Rigid Substrate Joints. Marina Fernando, Virginia Geldhill, MRPRA Rubber Consultants, UK
  • Bonding Silica Filled Natural Rubber Compounds to Rigid Substrate Joints. Ali Ansarifar, IPTME Loughborough University, UK
  • New Generation of Adhesion Activated Yarn- A Key product for Innovative Solutions. Hans Janssen, Teijin Twaron BV, The Netherlands
  • The Improvement of Interfacial Adhesion of a Reinforced Polyurethane and Steel via Silane Coupling Agents. Mohammed Reza Moghbeli, N Mohannadi, E Zangirian, Polymer Engineering Science Dept., Amir Kabir University, Iran
  • Key Elements in the Interface of Rubber to Metal Bonds. Stefan Dehnicke, Chemetall GmBH, Germany
  • Some Applications of Analytical and Spectroscopic Techniques in the Study of Rubber Bonding. John Sidwell, Rapra Technology Limited, UK
  • Automation of Rubber Injection Presses. Peter Stenl, LWB Steinl GmBH & Co Kg, Germany
  • Multi Component Injection Moulding of Liquid Silicone Rubber/Thermoplastic Combinations. Christoph Lettowsky, IKV, Germany
  • Adhesion of Rubber to Brass – The Influence of Cobalt on Interface Morphology. Steve Fulton, Rhodia Industrial Specialities, UK
  • Post Vulcanisation Bonding. Keith Worthington, Compound Ingredients Ltd., UK
  • Rubber Bonding between EPDM Sheets with Various Percent Peroxide. Jean-Maurice Vergnaud, University St. Etienne, France
  • Reaction Kinetics of Rubber to Metal Bonding Agents and its Implications on Bond Durability. Sture Persson, Svedala Skega AB, Sweden
  • Interfacial Bonding Heterogeneity & Synergism in Polymer-Polymer Adhesion Strength. Nasser Mohammadi, A Sharif, M R Moghbeli, E Zangirian, Polymer Engineering Science Dept.,