Polymer Rheology 2001

Polymer Rheology 2001

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Rapra presented the third successful European conference concentrating on polymer rheology as a practical tool for process control and quality analysis.

Papers were presented covering the latest techniques, equipment, and innovations in the monitoring and characterisation of polymers. Subjects addressed include the application of rheology to real-time processes, quality control, and flow behaviour.

Zero Length Die Measurement Versus Bagley Correction, Alternatives to Determine Extensional Flow Properties of Molten Polymers - A Comparison
Axel Göttfert and J. Sunder, Göttfert Werkstoff-Pruffmaschinen GmbH, Germany
Making Better use of the Melt Flow Rate Instrument - Multi-rate and Extensional Flow Measurements
Martin Rides and Crispin R.G. Allen, NPL Materials Centre, UK
A Further Investigation of Polymer Degradation During Injection Moulding Based on Capillary Rheometry
Fengge Gao, The Polymer Engineering Centre, Nottingham Trust University, UK
Extensional Viscosity Measurement of Polymer Melts with the NPL Extensional Rheometer
Roy Carter + , Martin Rides ++ and Crispin Allen ++ , + Magna Projects and Instruments Limited, UK and ++ National Physical Laboratory, UK

Cost, Precision, and Reliability in Rheological Measurements and Control
Tom Dobbie and Alan George, Porpoise Viscometers, UK
On-line Characterisation of Polymers, Emulsions Suspensions, and Foams
James Holloway, Fullbrook Systems Ltd., UK
Return Stream On-Line Rheometry Through a Process Sensor Port for Process and Production Applications
Donald De Laney, Steven Oliver and Stefan Anlauf, Dynisco Polymer Testing, USA
Light into Polymers Makes Money Spectroscopy for In-Situ Analysis of Molecular Weight, Melt Index, Degradation, and Polymerisation
Henryk Herman, Actinic Technology, UK and Polymer Research Centre, University of Surrey, UK
Scanning Probe Microscopy: Polymer Characterisation at the Microscale
Andrew Murray, ThermoMicroscopes, UK
Outside the Linear Regime: Investigating the Rheology of Polymers at High Stresses
Bernard Costello, TA Instruments Ltd., UK
An Elasticity/Viscosity Tester
William F. Watson, WNP Limited, UK
Recent Rheometer Developments for Polymer Analysis
Steve Smith, Reologica Instruments AB, UK
(Paper unavailable at time of print)
Highly Filled TPEs - Processing and Rheology
Aat C. Hordijk, Caspar Schoolderman, and Antoine E.D.M. van der Heijden TNO - Prins Mauritis Laboratory, The Netherlands

Perox PP: A Range of Peroxide Masterbatch for PP Controlled Rheology
Alain Prévot, Raphaël Mestanza & Leslie Bottomley, Polytechs S.A., France
Heat Transfer in Polymer Processing: The Importance of Accurate Measurement
Chris Brown and S. Percio, NPL Materials Centre, UK
The Benefit of NIR Spectroscopy in the Production of Polymers
Andrew Wallace, Bran + Luebbe Ltd., UK