Injection Moulding 2002, Barcelona, Spain, 18th- 19th March, 2002

Injection Moulding 2002, Barcelona, Spain, 18th- 19th March, 2002

Author: Conference Proceedings, 2002
ISBN 978-1-85957-314-3 

Barcelona, Spain, 18th- 19th March 2002
The comprehensive technical programme provided presentations from leading experts in the injection moulding and related fields. Papers covered material development and design solutions, optimisation of the injection moulding process through 3D simulation techniques and computer-aided engineering (CAE), issues of globalisation within the industry, opportunities provided by the internet and e-commerce, the use of gas and water assisted moulding techniques help to reduce cycle times and improve quality, and rapid tooling design and production processes.

The Injection Moulding 2002 conference provided an excellent opportunity to hear the latest injection moulding developments and gain a truly global perspective of this important industry.

True 3D Simulation Techniques of Injection Moulding and Related Processes
David Hsu, CoreTech System Co, Taiwan

Using 3D Simulation for the Optimisation of Injection Moulded Thermoset Materials for Automotive Applications
Lothar Kallien, Sigma Engineering GmbH, Germany Why Real-time Production and Process Monitoring
Andy Jewell, Mattec Corp, UK


Profit from Redesign Tooling and Leadership Change
Wilhelm O Morgan, Kangan Batman College of Technical and Further Education, Australia


Optimisation of the Plastic Injection Moulding Process via Expert Systems
lluis Chico, Fundacion ASCAMM, Spain


The Water Injection Technique (WIT) - Opportunities and Challenges
Tim Jüntgen, Institute of Plastics Processing (IKV), Germany


Gas and Water Injection Moulding
Andreas Janisch, Factor GmbH, Germany


Koolgas: Cryogenic gas-assisted injection moulding - an alternative to conventional GAIM
Rui Magalhaes, University of Warwick, UK


Re-Shaping the future of Plastics (e-marketplace)
Joachim Franke, Omnexus, Switzerland


The Impact of Patent Protection on the Globalization of the Mold and Hot Runner Industries
George Olaru, Mold-Masters Ltd, Canada


The International Capture of Intellect
Wilhelm Morgan, Kangan Batman College of Technical and Further Education, Australia


Recent developments in flame retardants systems to improve melt flow of thermoplastics
Ronald Wilmer, DSBG Eurobrom BV, The Netherlands


Hybrid Technology
Eduardo Ortiz, Bayer Hispania SA, Spain


Application of co-injection process to handles for the gear lever (multi-component injection mouldng)
Rafael B Garcia-Atxabe, Fundacion GAIKER, Spain


In mould painting using granular injected paint technology
Jo C Love, University of Warwick, UK

System Solution for Decorated Mouldings by IMC
Joachim Berthold, Battenfield GmbH, Germany


The Origin of the Surface Defect 'Tiger Stripes' on Injection Moulded Products
Anabelle Legrix, Imerys Minerals Ltd, UK


Surface 'Marbling' in Mineral Filled Nylon: Origins and Solutions
Arie Schepens, DSM Petrochemicals, The Netherlands


Long-term design for multi-shot moulding
Andi Clements, Rapra Technology, UK


The breakthrough in Rapid Tooling - Increasing precision and efficiency in Direct Metal Laser-Sintering with 20 micron layers
Dietmar Frank, EOS GmbH - Electro Optical Systems, Germany


Magics Tooling Expert
Johan Pauwels, Materialise, Belgium