Functional Nanostructures, Processing, Characterization, and Applications

Functional Nanostructures, Processing, Characterization, and Applications

Author: Ed. Sudipta Seal
ISBN 978-0-387-35463-7 


pages approx., 350

Nanocrystalline materials exhibit outstanding structural and mechanical properties. However, future progress in this emerging field is critically dependent upon the development of new methods of understanding and analyzing the underlying nanoscale and interface effects causing their unique mechanical properties. This exceptionally well- researched volume in Nanostructure Science and Technology serves both as an introduction to structural nanocrystalline materials as well as a monograph providing a systematic overview of the current state-of-the-art of fundamental and applied research in the area. The book provides a unique interdisciplinary approach by incorporating chapters from contributors from various academic disciplines including Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, and Polymer Science. Sudipta Seal integrates the most current and relevant technologies in the field to address the subject. This volume will prove to be indispensable to professionals in the in the field of nanomaterials science and nanotechnologies, from researchers and graduate students to engineers who are involved in production and processing of nanomaterials with enhanced physico-chemical properties.


- Nanoceramic and Cermets.

- Nanostructures films.


- Nanostructures Biomaterials.

- Self Assembly in Nanophase separated Polymer and Thin Film.

- Nanostructures, sensor and catalytic properties.

- High-Resolution TEM for nanocharacterization.

- AFM in nanotechnology.

- Concluding Remarks and future trends