Polymers in Defence and Aerospace Applications 2010

Polymers in Defence and Aerospace Applications 2010

Author: Conference Proceedings
ISBN 978-1-84735-398-6 

Published: 2010
With the aerospace and defence industries poised for growth in virtually every segment; the commercial, general aviation, military and space sectors are a ‘must watch’ area for businesses seeking new business and technology opportunities. Accompanying this growth, polymers will play an increasing role, with, for example, a near doubling of the aerocomposites market is predicted by 2016.


Polymers in Defence and Aerospace Applications took an in-depth look at how polymers are increasingly being used to meet the developing demands of this industry in areas such as weight minimisation, increased strength, and enhanced affordability. Both defence and aerospace are industries where the performance requirements of polymer-based materials are continually being pushed to the limits of what is possible in order to help achieve these goals, and where there is a constant demand for new and improved materials for a wide range of existing and new applications. 


This conference covered all of the important polymer related areas specific to the defence and aerospace industries, from state-of-the-art R&D to characterisation, fabrication, technology development and many new and emerging applications. 


Polymers in Defence & Aerospace Applications featured presentations from key defence and aerospace industry experts, as well as from polymer manufacturers and those developing new polymer-based materials, technologies and applications.


Paper 1: Team MAST – Delivering materials and structures R & D to UK MOD

Dr. Dan Kells, BAE Systems, UK & Dr Eoin O’Keefe, QinetiQ Ltd, UK

Paper 2: Phosphazene elastomer use in defence and aerospace

Bill Goodwin & Raymond E Stiles, Materials Science Technology, USA

Paper 3: Formulation and properties of rigid polyurethane foams

Karen J Foster, K N Hunt, C N Warriner, D R Harbron & D A Broughton, AWE plc, UK

Paper 4: Inkjet printing as a fabrication tool and its potential in defence & aerospace applications

Dr. Kay Yeong, Xennia Technology, UK



Paper 5: Development of a thermoplastic printed circuit board for applications in the aviation industry

Dipl-Ing Thomas Apeldorn, Universität Bayreuth, Germany

Paper 6: Synthesis and characterization of novel conducting monomer showing chimeric polymerisation behaviour: Versatile applications in defence and aerospace research

Dr Dhana Lakshmi, Cranfield University, UK et al

Paper 7: Use of fluoropolymers in aerospace and defence: new applications and advantages

Stefano Mortara, P Toniolo, M Gebert, A Marrani & M Bassi, Solvay Solexis SPA, Italy

Paper 8: Rapid manufacturing of syntactic foams

A.K. Walmsley, M. Carne, M. Swan, C. Warriner, K. Hunt AWE plc, UK, G.J. Gibbons, The University of Warwick, UK & S. Bubb, 3T RPD, UK

Paper 9: Design for manufacture and reliability of polymer-based electronics

Chris Bailey, Tim Tilford & Hua Lu, University of Greenwich, UK & Marc Desmulliez, Heriot-Watt University, UK


Paper 10: Rapid manufacture of structural thermoplastic composite components for aerospace and defence applications

Charlotte Vacogne & Museok Kwak TWI, UK

Paper 11: Novel high temperature polymers for demanding composite applications

Dr.Theo Dingemans, Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands

Paper 12: Microfocus X-ray diffraction and its application to high-performance polymers and composites

Richard Davies, C Riekel & M Burghammer, European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, France & S J Eichhorn & R J Young, University of Manchester, UK


Paper 13: Development of multifunctional advanced composites with polymer nanocomposite matrices for aerospace applications

Marco Monti, Luigi Torre, R Petrucci & Prof Jose Kenny, University of Perugia, Italy

Paper 14: Manufacture and evaluation of hybrid carbon nanofiber containing nonwoven papers

Andrew Austin, Napier University, UK and J Haaland, Michael Jeschke & D Jhaveri, Technical Fibre Products, USA

Paper 15: New generation of multifunctional composites with carbon nanotubes for aerospace applications

Prof Dr Sergio H Pezzin & L A F Coelho, Santa Catrina State University, Brazil & S Amico, UFRGS, Brazil


Paper 16: Development of phenolic based nanocomposites for ablative rocket combustion chambers

Luigi Torre, M Natali & J Kenny, University of Perugia, Italy

Paper 17: High-performance polyurethane shape - memory polymer and its composites

Dr. W M Huang & Y Zhao, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and Y Q Fu, Heriot-Watt University, UK

Paper 18: Ageing and performance predictions of polymer nanocomposites for exterior defence and aerospace applications

Dr. James Njuguna, Cranfield University, UK & K Pielichowski, Cracow University of Technology, Poland

Paper 19: UK strategic focus: The Materials and Structures National Technical Committee

Dr. Dan Kells, BAE Systems, UK 

Paper 20: The role of micro and nanofillers on mechanical and tribological behaviour of polymer matrix composites for aerospace and automotive applications

Prof B Suresha & Prof Mohammed Ismail, The National Institute of Engineering, India


Paper 21: Engineered coatings for composites and polymers used in defence & aerospace: Now and the future

Graham Armstrong, Indestructible Paint Ltd, UK

Paper 22: Silicone based coatings for aircraft applications

Bill Riegler, B Burkitt & R Thomaier, Nusil Technology, USA