Introduction to Fluoropolymers, 1st Edition

Introduction to Fluoropolymers, 1st Edition

Author: S Ebnesajjad
ISBN 9781455774425 

Materials, Technology, and Applications

Pages: 336 

Key Features

- Demystifies fluoropolymers for a broad audience of engineers in areas such as product design and manufacturing.

- Unlocks the potential of fluoropolymers for a wide range of applications across sectors such as aerospace, energy, and medical devices.

- Ideal for both recently qualified engineers, and experienced engineers with limited experience of fluoropolymers. Also provides background knowledge for non-engineers requiring a grounding in fluoropolymers, e.g. technical management, technical sales, and support.


Dr. Ebnesajjad demystifies fluoropolymers for a wide audience of designers, engineers and product designers--providing them with the toolkit required to unlock the potential of this important group of high performance polymers for applications across a wide range of market sectors: automotive, aerospace, medical devices, high performance apparel, oil & gas, renewable energy / solar photovoltaics, electronics / semiconductor, pharmaceuticals, chemical processing, etc.

Properties and applications are illustrated by real-world examples as diverse as waterproof clothing, vascular grafts, and coatings for aircraft interiors. The different applications of fluoropolymers show the benefits of a group of materials that are highly water-repellent and flame-retardant, with unrivaled lubrication properties and a high level of biocompatibility. Health and safety and environmental aspects are also covered throughout the book.

This practical guide to fluoropolymers is ideal for both recently qualified engineers and experienced engineers with limited experience of the polymer group. The material on the development of fluoropolymers and their applications will provide an easy entry point for technicians and technical sales and will also be of interest to those for whom fluoropolymers are their specialty.
Chapter 1 A Day with the Smiths: Fluoropolymers in Daily Life
Chapter 2 Fluorine and Fluorocarbons
Chapter 3 History and Applications of Fluoropolymers
Chapter 4 History and Applications of Expanded Polytetrafluoroethylene (aka Gore-Tex® Membranes
Chapter 5 History and Applications of Polyvinyl Fluoride
Chapter 6 Introduction to Tetrafluoroethylene Polymers (incl. APFO and its Replacements)
Chapter 7 Manufacturing of Polytetrafluoroethylene
Chapter 8 Fluorinated Additives
Chapter 9 Introduction to Vinylidene Fluoride Polymers
Chapter 10 Introduction to Fluoroelastomers
Chapter 11 History and Applications of Non-Stick Coatings
Chapter 12 History and Applications of Fluorinated Ionomers
Dr. Sina Ebnesajjad
Fluoroconsultants Group, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, U.S.A; formerly DuPont