High Performance Plastics 2011

High Performance Plastics 2011

Author: Conference Proceedings
ISBN 978-1-84735-625-3 

Available in April
The event was dedicated to the advances in plastic materials that are tuned to excel even in harsh environments and tough service conditions. Some key driving factors for the continued growth of these materials include:

Oil and gas where the exploitation of hotter and deeper wells has necessitated the transition to new, higher performing plastics
Aerospace, a market which has seen the proliferation of lightweight composites to replace traditional materials like metal
Microelectronics and semiconductor applications where reliability, longevity and ultra-low contamination levels are needed for example in wafer and hard drive handling operations
Membranes for water treatment, biomedical and fuel cell applications
Photovoltaics where extreme UV durability and inertness are prerequisites
Electrical insulation for defense, aerospace and nuclear related applications
Wear resistant and self-lubricating materials for applications from CMP rings to gears and bearings

This exciting and dynamic area is characterised by differentiation and diversity. The challenge is to create customised materials to meet the demands of today and to be ready for the new emerging applications of tomorrow.

These proceedings cover all the presentations from the conference which covered all aspects from the resins to blends, specialty fillers, stabilisers, compatibilisers and other modifiers.