Molecular Characterization and Analysis of Polymers

Molecular Characterization and Analysis of Polymers

Author: John M. Chalmers and Robert J. Meier
ISBN 978-0-444-53056-1 

776 pages
This book will be of particular interest to those engaged in polymer research and development and polymer product characterization and analysis. It will be of significant value to polymer groups and research institutions within academia, industrial laboratories and third-party contract organisations/laboratories involved in the molecular characterization and analysis of polymers and polymer products.
Preface by John M. Chalmers and Robert J. Meier

SECTION I: Introduction

1 Introduction by John M. Chalmers and Robert J. Meier 
2 Polymer Chemistry and Microstructure by Jacques Devaux and Sophie Demoustier-Champagne 
3 Polymeric Materials: Composition, Uses, and Applications by Jack P. Candlin

SECTION II: Polymer Chain Analysis

4 Chain Structure Characterization by Gregory Beaucage and Amit S. Kulkarni
5 Chain End Characterization by Tony Jackson and Duncan Robertson 
6 Determination of molecular weights and their distributions by Simone Wiegand and Werner 

SECTION III: Polymer Morphology and Structure

7 Phase Structure and Morphology by Rufina G. Alamo
8 Characterization of Molecular Orientation by Michel Pézolet, Christian Pellerin, and Thierry Lefèvre
9 Polymer Networks: Elastomers by James E. Mark and B. Erman

SECTION IV: Polymer Degradation

10 Polymer Degradation and Oxidation: An introduction by John M. Chalmers and Robert J. Meier
11 The role of oxidation in degradation of polymers; the relation of oxidation to the light emission from oxidized polymers by Jozef Rychlý and Lyda Matisova-Rychlá
12 ESR and ESR Imaging Methods for the Study of Oxidative Polymer Degradation by Shulamith Schlick and Krzysztof Kruczala

SECTION V: Polymer Product Analysis

13 Spatial imaging/heterogeneity by Peter Wilhelm and Boril Chernev
14 Additive analysis by John Sidwell
15 Failure, Defect and Contaminant Analysis by James D. Rancourt, Jennifer Brooks, Sue Mecham, Alan Sentnam, Brian Starr and Jason Todd
16 Surface Analysis by John M. Chalmers and Robert J. Meier

SECTION IV: Polymer and Polymer Product Development: Support Techniques

17 The Supporting Role of Molecular Modelling and Computational Chemistry in Polymer Analysis by John Kendrick
18 High