Biopolymers, Volume 3b , Polyesters II - Properties and Chemical Synthesis

Biopolymers, Volume 3b , Polyesters II - Properties and Chemical Synthesis

Author: Yoshiharu Doi (Editor), Alexander Steinbüchel (Editor)
ISBN 978-3-527-30219-2 

480 pages

Volumes 3a, b and 4 focus on polyesters synthesized by bacteria and eukaryotic organisms as well as all aspects of the biosynthesis and metabolism of these biopolymers together with their production and isolation. In addition, these volumes treat various synthetic polyesters and related polymers synthesized by the chemical industry for the manufacture of biodegradable materials. Topics include: polyhydroxyalkanoates, pha granules, non-storage phas, poly(malic acid), cutin, suberin, polyphosphate, polylactides, polyglycolide, polyanhydrides, polyesteramides, aliphatic organic polyesters and related polymers, in vitro synthesis of polyesters, chemical synthesis, biotechnological production by fermentation, isolation from plants, production in transgenic plants, biodegradation.
Methods for Analysis of Poly(3-hydroxyalkanoate) Composition (T. de Rijk, et al.). 

Intracellular Degradation of PHAs (T. Saito & T. Kobayashi). 

Extracellular Polyhydroxyalkanoate Depolymerases: The Key Enzymes of PHA Degradation (D. Jendrossek). 

Microbial Degradation of Aliphatic Polyesters (Y. Tokiwa). 

Molecular and Material Design of Biodegradable Poly(hydroxyalkanoate)s (H. Abe & Y. Doi). 

Structure, Composition and Solution Properties of PHAs (N. Yoshie & Y. Inoue). 

Crystallization and Material Properties of Polyhydroxyalkanoates (R. Marchessault & G. Yu). 

Structure and Hydrolysis of Polyester Single Crystals (T. Iwata & Y. Doi). 

Physical and Processing Properties of Polyhydroxyalkanoate Copolymers (M. Satkowski, et al.). 

Fermentative Production of Building Blocks for Chemical Synthesis of Polyesters (S. Lee, et al.). 

General Methodology for Chemical Synthesis of Polyesters (J. Seppälä, et al.). 

Mechanisms of Aliphatic Polyester Formation (A. Duda & S. Penczek). 

Chemical Synthesis and Properties of Well-defined Oligomeric Esters (I. Taniguchi & Y. Kimura).