Food Contact Polymers 2009 Conference Proceedings

Food Contact Polymers 2009 Conference Proceedings

Author: Rapra Conferences
ISBN 978-1-84735-390-0 

21-22 April 2009, Brussels, Belgium

18 papers

The worldwide food contact polymers market has seen the enormous change in recent years, a trend in part due to the shifting regulatory landscape. It is important, perhaps now more than ever, to keep abreast of regulatory matters and to identify the provisions that are legally necessary.

With these challenges in mind, Food Contact Polymers, 2009 brought together partners from the food processing and packaging supply chain. New materials and innovations in food manufacturing processes and packaging were discussed in detail. Material selection, testing and the all important legislation applicable to all types of food contact materials was also covered.

All technical papers presented at this conference are included ...



Paper 1 An update on the EU regulations relating to food contact materials
Dr. Annette Schäfer, European Commission Health and Consumers Directorate General, Belgium

Paper 2 Main legislations relating to colorants, inks, and adhesives
Dr. Luigi Rossi, Keller & Heckman LLP, Belgium

Paper 3 Risk assessment by EFSA
Dr. Laurence Castle, Central Science laboratory, UK

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Paper 4 Coatings code of practice and results of the FACET project
Dr. Peter Oldring, Valspar Europe, UK

Paper 5 Enforcing the EU legislation on phthalate plasticisers
Dr. Jens Højslev Petersen, DTU-Food, National Food Institute, Denmark


Paper 6 Assessment of intakes of packaged foods per kg body weight
Dr. Emma Foster, Newcastle University, UK

Paper 7 Elastomeric materials in contact with food- legislation and testing
John Sidwell, Sidwell Consulting and Analytical Services Ltd, UK

Paper 8 Safety assessment of FCM migrants using advanced bio-analytical strategies and the TTC principle
William D van Dongen, Sander Koster, M A J Rennen, L Coulier, L van Stee & G F Houben, TNO Quality of Life, The Netherlands

Paper 9 DESI/DART-MS: One minute migration testing?
Dr. Sander Koster, TNO Quality of Life, The Netherlands

Paper 10 Food safety from the packaging manufacturer's perspective
Robert Broughton, Alcan Packaging UK Ltd, UK


Paper 11 Testing protocols and developments in active and intelligent packaging
Lynneric Potter, Campden BRI, UK

Paper 12 Study of an active packaging with antioxidant properties
Dr. Consuelo Fernández, Dr. Ana Galet & Dr. José María Bermúdez, ITENE, Spain

Paper 13 Production and properties of multilayer active polyester films for food packaging applications
Dr. Maria Rosaria Galdi, Valeria Nicolais, Luciano Di Maio & Loredana Incarnato, University of Salerno, Italy

Paper 14 Special injection technologies applied to the development of active packaging
Serafin Garcia Navarro, AIMPLAS, Spain


Paper 15 Innovative packaging design for the wine industry
Athanasios Manavis, Ali Mousli, Vaya Dinopoulou & Panagiotis Kyrastsis, Technological Educational Institution of West Macedonia, Greece

Paper 16 Mechanical and oxygen barrier properties of biaxially oriented polypropylene zinc oxide nanocomposites for food packaging applications
Dr. Nadia Lepot, Hasselt University, Belgium & Xios Hogeschool Limburg, Belgium; M K Van Bael & H Van den Rul, Hasselt University, Belgium & IMEC vzw, Belgium; J D Haen & J Mullens, Hasselt University, Belgium; R Peters & D Franco, Xios Hogeschool Limburg, Belgium

Paper 17 Multilayer PP/EVOH/PP barrier tray containing O2 scavenger for retort applications
Didier Houssier, EVAL Europe nv, Belgium; Benjamin Bourbon, RPC Barrier Containers, France

Paper 18 Mater bi biopolymers, packaging applications: Multilayer structures, film lamination & coating "Compostable packaging"
Stefano Facco, Novamont SpA, Italy