Bottles, Preforms and Closures, 2nd Edition - A Design Guide for PET Packaging

Bottles, Preforms and Closures, 2nd Edition - A Design Guide for PET Packaging

Author: Ottmar Brandau
ISBN 978-1-4377-3526-0 

180 pages

The book is a thoroughly practical handbook that provides engineers and managers with the toolkit  to improve production and engineering aspects in their own businesses - saving money, increasing output and improving competitiveness by adopting new technologies.

In this book, Brandau covers the engineering aspects of bottle production and the relevant production processes (focusing on blow molding), along with plant layout and organization and production management.  

Part One: PET Preforms (Ottmar Brandau, Dr. Laura Martin):

1 Introduction;

2 Manufacture and States of PET;

3 Behaviour in the Blow Mould; 4 Manufacture of PET Preforms;

5 Preform Design Methodology;

6 Preform Design Examples;

Part 2: PET Beverage Bottles (Dr. Christian DeTrois, Thomas Steinbauer):

1 From the First Idea to the Finished Bottle;

2 Determination of Bottle Properties;

3 Generating the First Design in CAD;

4 From Shape to Fully-Fledged Design for a Safe Process;

5 Verification of the 3D Design through FE Simulation;

6 Selection of the Mould Concept to Meet Customer-Specific Criteria;

7 Mould Design and Mould Manufacture;

8 Mould Trials and Examination of Sample Bottles;

Part 3 Closures for PET Bottles (Ottmar Brandau, Romeo Corvaglia):

1 Introduction;

2 Neck Finishes for Various Bottle Types;

3 Closure Types;

4 Tamper Evident Bands;

5 Resins;

6 Manufacturing Methods;

7 Economic Guidelines;

8 Test Procedures;

9 Process Control during Injection Moulding; Light-weigh caps, new standards
Ottmar Brandau
OB Plastics Consulting, Ontario, Canada
President, OB Plastics Consulting, Ontario, Canada Process troubleshooting and training of plant and office personnel. Formerly VP Operations, Magic North America (Packaging & Containers). Member of the Omnexus (SpecialChem Plastics & Elastomers) Expert Team.