Handbook of Deposition Technologies for Films and Coatings

Handbook of Deposition Technologies for Films and Coatings

Author: Peter M. Martin
ISBN 978-0-8155-2031-3 

936 pages

3rd Edition

Recent years have seen a rapid expansion in the applications of advanced thin film coatings in areas including photovoltaics, energy conversion, energy efficiency, biomedical engineering, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and flat panel displays. In a tough economic climate, surface engineering remains a growth industry, because surface engineered products improve performance, increase energy efficiency, add functionality and reduce costs.

This fully updated edition of Handbook of Deposition Technologies for Films and Coatings explores these new applications, and the major advances in deposition processes and technologies that have made them possible.

The aim of this handbook is to provide scientists and engineers with detailed and practical information on:
  • Deposition processes for thin film coatings
  • Surface engineering
  • Advanced thin film applications and structures
  • Relationships between deposition process parameters and thin film microstructure
  • Nucleation and thin film growth processes
  • Sculpted thin films
  • Characterization of composition, bonding, and microstructure
  • The role of plasmas in thin film growth

In this third edition, extensive new material has been added throughout the book, especially in the areas concerned with plasma assisted vapor deposition processes and metallurgical coating applications.

Key Features

  • Explains in depth the many recent improvements in deposition technologies and applications
  • Thoroughly explains deposition technologies and their current applications
  • Discusses the numerous 'frontier areas' for the applications of the products of deposition technology

Deposition Technologies: An Overview (Peter M. Martin) 
Plasmas in Deposition Processes (Scott G. Walton and J.E. Greene) 
Surface Preparation for Film and Coating Deposition Processes (Donald M. Mattox) 
Evaporation: Processes, Bulk Microstructures and Mechanical Properties (S. Ismat Shah, G. Hassnain Jaffari, Emre Yassitepe and Bakhtyar Ali) 
Sputter Deposition Processes (D. Depla, S. Mahieu and J.E. Greene) 
Ion Plating (Donald M. Mattox) 
Chemical Vapor Deposition (Jan-Otto Carlsson and Peter M. Martin)
Atomic Layer Deposition (Arto Pakalla and Matti Putkonen) 
Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition of Functional Coatings (L. Martinu, O. Zabeida and J.E. Klemberg-Sapieha) 
Unfiltered and Filtered Cathodic Arc Processes (Andre Anders) 
Vacuum Polymer Deposition (Mark E. Gross and Peter M. Martin) 
Thin Film Nucleation, Growth, and Microstructural Evolution: An Atomic Scale View (J.E. Greene) 
Glancing Angle Deposition (Michael T. Taschuk, Matthew M. Hawkeye and Michael J. Brett)
Nanocomposite Coatings for Severe Applications (Ali Erdemir and Andrey A. Voevodin)
Non-Elemental Characterization of Films and Coatings (Donald M. Mattox) 
Characterization of Films and Coatings (D.R. Baer and S. Thevuthasan)
Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Sources and Processing (Hana Barankova and Ladislav Bardos)
Jet Vapor Deposition (Paul Komarenko, Michael Drago, Michael Gorski, Takashi Tamagawa and Bret Halpern)

Peter M. Martin gained his PhD in Solid State Physics from Ohio State University and was a Post Doctoral Fellow at Carnegie-Mellon University. Dr Martin has been instrumental in developing patterned optical coatings for optical filtering, microwave shielding, and non-linear optical applications.