Anti-corrosion Polymers: PEEK, PEKK, and Other Polyaryls

Anti-corrosion Polymers: PEEK, PEKK, and Other Polyaryls

Author: G. Pritchard, Kingston University
ISBN 978-1-85957-043-2 

Review Report

118 pages, softbound
This review discusses the general properties of the materials and the range of proposed and commercial applications. The factors which influence corrosion resistance, the effects of solvents upon polymer properties and methods of predicting solvent uptake from polymer and solvent characteristics are then reviewed. 

Chief Advantages of Polyaryl Polymers
Applications Requiring Chemical Resistance
Taint and Transfer
Applications of Polyaryl Polymers
Cooling Rates, Crystallinity and Solvent Resistance
Solvent Absorption and its Effect on Polymers
The Chemical Resistance of the Interface in Fibrous Composites
Chemical Resistance of Reinforcing Fibers
Predicting Solvent Uptake from Solvent and Polymer Characteristics
Environmental Stress Cracking
Acids, Alkalis, and Oxidizing Agents
Organic Solvents
Solvents to Dissolve PEEK
Diffusion of Gases into Polyaryl Polymers
Heat Aging
Thermal Recycling
Radiation Resistance
Cavitation Erosion in Sea Water
Material Suppliers

The Report is completed by a selection of abstracts of the most important papers.