Latex and Synthetic Polymer Dispersions 2008

Latex and Synthetic Polymer Dispersions 2008

Author: Rapra Conference Proceedings
ISBN 978-1-84735-066-4 

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Drawing authorities from industry and academia, this conference offered the ideal platform to hear original technical papers and meet and exchange ideas with like-minded peers from across the world. Now in its fifth year, the conference provided crucial updates on the latest trends and developments in natural latex, aqueous synthetic polymer latices, processing chemicals and additives.

Topics addressed included new materials, machinery and equipment developments, application methods, standards & regulatory requirements, materials testing, quality control and market trends.

More specifically, papers provided insight into many key developments and solutions to the key issues of the latex sector. These included:
  • Novel methods of reducing protein levels in natural rubber
  • Accelerators and cross-linking agents potentially offering improved toxicological performance
  • Development of new synthetic latices with modified characteristics
  • Latest developments in the field of nanoscience achieved by combining different polymers and inorganic materials and their practical applications
  • Increasing application of aqueous systems in the adhesive industry

Paper 1 Dyanamics of Natural Latex Industry; Changes and Growth
No Dock Moung, International Rubber Study Group, UK

Paper 2 State of the Market and Future Projections for Synthetic Latex and Dispersions
Dr. David J Dunn, FLD Enterprises Inc, USA


Paper 3 Recent Advances in Polynitrile Oxide Curing of Natural and Synthetic Polyisoprene Latex Films
Mark W McGothlin, Apex Medical Technology Inc, USA

Paper 4 Sustainable Accelerators for Synthetic Latices–Update
R Couchman & Dr. K B Chakraborty, Robinson Brothers Limited, UK

Paper 5 Preparation and Application of Emulsions Made From Recycled PVB
Prof Roger Rothon, ECOfillers & Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Paper 6 Vytex™ Natural Rubber Latex: A Proposal Industry Standard for the Manufacture of Commercial Natural Rubber Products
Dr. Travis Honeycutt, M Swanson, M Clark, R Culp & W Doyle, Vystar Corporation Inc, USA


Paper 7 Bioblox™ - Recently Developed Technology for Protein Reduction in Latex Products and Energy Savings in Latex Manufacturing
William Howe, Diptech Sytems, Inc, USA & R Tabor, Stephan Company, USA

Paper 8 Photochemical Pre-vulcanisation of Natural Rubber Latex: A New Process Towrads Non – Allergenic Latex Articles
Sandra Schlögl & Dr. A Temel, Polymer Competence Center Leoben GmbH, Austria; Prof W Kern, Institute of Chemistry of Polymers, Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria & Dr. R Scahaller, Dr. A Holzner, Semperit Technische Produkte GmbH, Austria

Paper 9 Latex Dipping Tanks – Residence Time Distributions
Dr. Steffen Bodemeier, CPR Produktions - und Vertriebs GmbH, Germany

Paper 10 Alternative Drying System for the Thin Natural Rubber Latex Foam
Dr. Manroshan Singh, AP Tommaso & MY Amir-Hashim, Rubber Research Institute of Malaysia, Malaysia


Paper 11 The Multiple Faces of Latices: From Large Industrial Scale Products to Nanoscience for Medical Applications
Dr. Joachim Storsberg, Dr. BR Paulke, Dr. E Goernitz & Prof A Laschewsky, Fraunhofer-Institute Applied Polymer Research, Germany

Paper 12 Rheology and Shapability of Natural Rubber Latex Layered Silicate Nanocomposites
Dr. Siby Varghese & S Matthew, Rubber Research Institute of India, India

Paper 13 Influence of pH and Viscosity on Performance of New Reactive 1 Component CR – latex Contact Adhesive Formulations
Dr. Dirk Achten, Bayer Material Sciences, AG, Germany

Paper 14 Cold and Warm Mix Technologies Using Latex Modified Asphalt Emulsion
Dr. Koichi Takamura, BASF Corporation, USA


Paper 15 Continous Improvement in Condom Quality by the Diagnosis of the Source of Damage in Manufacturing
David Hill, SSL International plc, UK

Paper 16 Application of FITkit^™ Assay According to New Standards Can Guarantee Safe Latex Products
T Talpsep & H Tamm, Quattromed AS, Estonia

Paper 17 Costs of Occupational Allergies to Natural Rubber Latex in the Privately Run German Health Care System
Prof Dr med Henning Allmers, Dr. C Skudlik & Dr. S M John, University of Osnabrueck, Germany & Dr. J Schmengler & Dr. L Nickau, Präventionsdienst der Berufsgenossenschaft f?r Gesundheitsdienst und Wohlfahrtspflege, Germany SESSION 6 FUNDAMENTAL RESEARCH IN LATEX AND PRODUCT PROCESSING

Paper 18 Emulsifier Free Controlled Nanolatex made by Controlled Radical Polymerisation in a Single Reactor Using Commercially Available Reactants
Dr. S Freal-Saison, Prof B Charleux, Dr. M Save & Dr. S Magnet, Eliokem SA, France

Paper 19 Structure-Properties Relationships in Waterborne Polyurethane Adhesives
Dr. Francisca Arán Ais, M Á Pérez Limiñana, A M Torró-Palau & C Orgilés-Barceló, INESCOP Footwear Research Institute and Related Industries, Spain & José Miguel Martínez, University of Alicante, Spain

Paper 20 Tailored Synthetic Dipping Latices: New Approaches for Thin Soft and Strong Gloves and for Accelerator Free Dipping
Dr. Soeren Butz & A Abele, PolymerLatex GmbH, Germany